For the first time for the last time! (repeats mentally, then nods)

This week I will have a midterm, my first since undergraduate, which means my first in five or six years.

On the studying side of things, I have: three to four hundred pages to re-read (I’m currently on page 215, woohoo!), printouts with articles I should have read a few weeks ago, printouts with diagrams of things like the common press and book bindings, and a laptop loaded with notes that will become nonsensical if not reviewed in twenty-four hours.

On the UC side of things, I have: mint tea, water, forced bedtime of 10:45 or die, limited SGA episodes, limited LiveJournaling (and Bloggering, I guess), mint tea, chocolate, and a twenty-percent chance of inevitable colonic explosion on the day of the test, regardless of these safety stress-relieving measures.

Seriously. I can’t tell anyone I pack precautionary Imodium A-D for test day!


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