What a fascinating life you DO lead.

Still swamped in homework. Today’s infuriations (also known as Information Policy class lecture and discussion topic) include:

– Data Privacy – We should all be either very afraid or very pissed. Oh, and ready to move to Europe, where they DON’T consider their corporations/organizations as individuals in a court of law.

– The freaking undead Patriot Act (too late for Halloween). Seriously. The official name, which never fails to crack my shit up, is: the Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001. Lame, old white men. So, so lame. Besides, that mnemonic acronym shit only works in Music and Science class. Oh, damn, you knew that.

– COPA. Actually, I don’t know why this one pisses me off yet, past the initial freedom of speech smushing. I guess that means I should be doing homework. Oops.

Today’s Happy Thingies include:

– Leftover Halloween candy. A. is the best partner EVER – he lets me eat all the caramels! Goodbye, teeth.

– A giant crap that looked like I passed my entire intestine. Yes, it’s absolutely disgusting to write about that, I know. But this baby had form. It so rarely happens I can’t bear to let such an event pass without mention. Also, it’s interesting to note how Happy Thingies can sometimes resemble Infuriations.

– The realization that I’ve successfully cut myself down to 2.5, that’s 125 milligrams, of azathioprine, rather than the 150 I’ve been on for the past two years. This is still in addition to all my other meds, obviously, but WOO! My immune system might be jumping up and down, screaming, waving its arms to warn me that hey, dipshit, what are you doing? But I feel great, and have felt great during the taper-down. We’ll see what the doctor says next week, apart from “How are you feeling?” and “See you in six months.”

– Cold weather. I love it.

Back to the homework.


5 thoughts on “What a fascinating life you DO lead.

  1. Actually the UC <>is<> doing quite well, thanks. I am just suffocating under the pressure of three papers, the final three. Strange the UC is so quiet, in these circumstances.I did not notice the flame war! I must go back and re-read. Did you get things ironed out with the Ostomates guy? Or did he pissing-match himself into oblivion?


  2. No, I get along with that guy now. Now I’ve entered into a pissing match with his protege that tried to fix an election! If you want to piss me off, try to fix an election. It brings back bad memories. Also, sorry for being a total dumb ass and deleting your comment by accident. I reposted it, but then somehow ended up with a paragraph long link here. I have been cleaning the bathroom in anticipation of relatives arriving, and I have obviously inhaled too many solvents.


  3. Hah, no problem. I’m sure your bathroom is sparkling, and that is all that matters!!! (Remember this when you’re sixty and suffering from strange Comet-induced dementia. Wait…)Glad to hear you are on better terms with the Man.


  4. Forgot to say, glad the UC is in hibernation. The bathroom was clean. Then I had a leak, which caused me to remember–despite the comet–why I had given up on the bathroom long ago. So now it’s dirty again. We have two bathrooms though, so it’s no big deal. We’ll tell the guests that one has MRSA in it, which is probably the truth!


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