Old news?

Interesting news item from yesterday about Evil Healthcare Giants and their Sneaky Plans to Wreak Havoc.

Health Care Investor Buys 33.4% of Lions Gate Shares 1 Week before the Release of Michael Moore’s SICKO

I got to see the movie, obviously. But maybe it would’ve been more difficult than a couple blocks’ walk if I still lived in Duluth? Probably would’ve had to go to Minneapolis, or hope that some bright spark with bucks reclaimed the NorShor Theatre from its current incarnation as The Norshor Experience (maybe NSFW? It’s pretty cold in Duluth) and showed a little Sicko for folks unable to drive two-three hours.

That theatre was pretty great. We saw Wellstone! there with free paper bags of popcorn. But I’m sure the Experience is just as stimulating in a variety of ways.


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