Where’s a Tardis when you need one?

Not that a Time Lord could help me…

The third and fourth assignments (which I’ve been working with all week) are due today. Hopefully I should be able to post more interesting library science stuff soon, and more exciting ulcerative colitis stuff…soon. Just found out my loan for the fall was DENIED by the awesome university powers, so I’ve got more exciting things to think about after the homework.


2 thoughts on “Where’s a Tardis when you need one?

  1. Thanks – I found out it was on account of my stupidity in filling out the form. Apparently, because we get a certain tuition benefit at my job, you can apply for a loan only if you exercise sneakiness – by requesting it for books/travel/anything but tuition. I put a generous little dollop right in the tuition column, and they denied me. They did explain eventually!Now I’m off to search for UC scholarships. I’ve seen Crohn’s ones, but not for colitis specifically. Should be interesting.


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