A break from the grind

I’ve taken to doing my homework with beer. But only this kind. My folks are in town and they want to eat every crazy food imaginable while buying me every bland thing on the menu to counteract my pre-poster-presentation stress. Love those guys, though they’re too loose with their pocketbook; they need to be thinking about the motorcycle ride back to Minnesota.

The main problem with doing homework and presenting bland student-friendly topics pasted on an Elmer’s board is the feeling, the constant gnawing, that I am not good enough, or smart enough to be a graduate student. I know it’s not true. The beer tells me it’s not true. But the feeling is there. The competition is enough (and the competition consists merely of how many posts you have on the online discussion boards) to raise my gorge.

Also, Medco has decided to be a bastard about my pills, including the beloved Ortho-Lo. That could be the beer talking. Either way, it’s a story for a longer blog session.

My hero, Dewey Decimator.

Check out FIST-A-CUFFS for some serious comic smackdown! If, you know, you like that sort of thing.

Coming up on Jiggery-pokery’s soup of the day after the exorcism of the poster demons: Oracle and the Calling of Peppery, or, Batman’s Fatal Flaw!


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