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Folic Acid Supplements Don’t Reduce High-Risk Colon Cancers.

This is an interesting article. My gastro has me taking a milligram of folic acid daily, just on the “off-chance” that I get knocked up. What are the complications of folic acid and ulcerative colitis, if any? (He blithely informed me when I asked, “None. Absolutely none.”) If ulcerative colitis primes someone for a higher rate of cancer possibility, would folic acid up those numbers?

Is folic acid the new formula, wheat bran, omega-three?

Am I taking valuable library science time to type crap? Well, YEAH.


7 thoughts on “Posting from Hiatusland

  1. Your GI is right. There are no effects of taking folic acid. When the colon is bleeding as much as it is in UC, you’re losing a lot of blood (and minerals). At surgery, I actually had zero iron levels. Taking a vitamin (or folic acid) helps. Further, B vitamins–like folic acid–help the body to produce new cells. With UC, you’re constantly shedding the lining of you colon. So folic acid might help the body produce a better (less ulcerated) cell. It might not, but it’s basically harmless.


  2. That’s good to know – it’s really the length and explanation of answers that I’m looking for, which is what made my nurse practitioner so great. My current doctor is pretty good, but he is monosyllabic at times. Asking “What does that mean?” repeatedly can get him to loosen up, but I think he’d prefer to keep the office time short.


  3. Mwahahahahha! Sounds like it will be good.I will mark Friday the 15th by giving a library science poster presentation. It will be amazing, I’m sure, especially compared to a baseball game.


  4. You could make a poster for the promotion of plunger night. A plunger as a bat or something. (Stupid joke)Good luck on your project. They were the least fun–and I like giving presentations–part of grad school for me. There’s a ritual hazing that you have to go through to get an advanced degree! We’ve all been there, and when you realize why they’re doing it a year later, it makes sense. But, for the moment, good luck and sympathy.


  5. Ah, but it would have to be a cross between a plunger, a bat, and a card catalog! Deadly!I wonder if the reason advanced degrees seem like such hell is because of the increased/emphasized use of theory? Tho’ I’ve worked in libraries for about five (four? beer?) years now, and so everything theoryish seems like an insult to what I’ve learned in practice. But -sigh- as we all know, you cannot flout theory until you know it backwards.


  6. I know more about Frederick Taylor (a moron who spent his entire life doing math to figure out the best way to shovel coal…and, you guessed it, he never actually did the shoveling) than I can stand. I had to sit through so many BS lectures on that guy. Boring. Who cares. Fortunately, I found the professors that were teaching useful job skills and spent most of my time with them. (My GPA suffered too because the Frederick Taylor guys were easy graders). It was a wise choice. Knowledge of Frederick Taylor is worthless in the market place.


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