Achy breaky colon

Anything I say about Billy Ray Cyrus could only help his career, so I’ll keep my mouth shut.

Last night we cleaned out the fridge and I ended up eating a slab of no-bake oatmeal chocolate cookies. Gutwise, this was a problem anyway, as a slab of anything now equals a giant flashing DANGER, but sadly, the no-bake did not fill me up. So I made a batch of popcorn. With butter. And garlic salt. And shredded cheese.

My gut feels like the bacteria have declared civil war and are duking it out with Uzis.

In completely unrelated news, I seem to be stuck in a weird, inexplicable rut weight-wise.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since IBDers can have crap problems with weight gain. But eating slabs of cookie does not a healthy body make, so I’m on the lookout for new, unobtrusive di-er, lifestyles that won’t set off the ulcerative colitis but WILL make some of the cookie-slab-chub dwindle away.

This looks interesting. A co-worker of mine owns the book, and lent me it. Invented by a doctor named Peter D’Adamo, (which reads like Adama…waves of trust are flowing into me) it bases your diet on your blood type and, consequently, your ethnic heritage. You get to feel special and singled-out, and you get to eat a certain, special singled-out kind of way. Most of the dietary suggestions seem healthy and balanced, especially if you’re a B-, which I am. (Suddenly I feel so safe and classified! Hurrah, I’m special!)

However, Bs are not supposed to eat corn. Corn equals demon seed for Bs.

Oh, Doctor D’Adamo. You almost had me!


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