Famous colons you may know…

So sometimes I troll the web looking for famous people who have IBD. I figure, hey, if Beth Orton can kick ass and make records, I can take my pills and drink a little extra tea to stay awake.

Mike McCready I knew from A.’s astounding LP/CD collections and the CCFA commercial.

Alfred, King of Wessex? Lived to age fifty and known as the “Scholar King” or, when he was feeling a bit knotty in the guts, “Alfred the Great.” Subject of this film.

There seem to be a lot of politicians or politically-connected people with IBD…we just heard about Tony Snow a while ago, and of course JFK (the universal acronym president) suffered from colitis among other things. While I like discussing politics and politicians, preferably with some quality beer at hand so the opinions can be as free-flying as possible, I’ve no desire to enter the field.

On the whole, I have a little more respect for some of the famous IBD-sufferers.

But sometimes, like the Dwarves of Moria, we dig a little too deep.

I’ve heard plenty about Neal, and Jebbers, and our dear dear Georgie W. But where’s Marvin?

I guess Wikipedia will have to do. They don’t seem to know much either. CCFA has the support of Barbara and some details about his condition. Me, I’m shocked to learn about the existence of yet another Bush, and that my speculations about “conspiracy theories” suddenly include him.


6 thoughts on “Famous colons you may know…

  1. Tony Snow (UC/cancer), Farrah Faucet (cancer), President Eisenhower (Crohn’s Disease), Marvin Bush (UC, President’s brother) all had ostomies. Sannen Dougherty, Mayor of Boston Tom Menino, David Gerrard (NFL quarterback), Carrie Grant, Anastacia (singer), Mike McCready (guitarist for Pearl Jam) all have Crohn’s/UC.


  2. It’s amazing isn’t it…the more you talk about these issues, the more epopel come forward and reveal they are dealing with something too(friends, family freinds of friends, etc.. Since so many people have digestive conditions it only makes sense that celebs do to. I wish more would come out. As you may know, Elizabeth from The View revealed she has Celiac Disease.Heidi Collins, the gorgeous CNN anchor who is the official spokesperson for the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness.


  3. I completely agree. The subjects wouldn’t be embarrassing if everyone talked about them. Although while I’ve become more open about digestive problems since I was diagnosed, I also have gained a snickering sixth-grade-boy sense of humor…but that’s just me.


  4. TBOHAP – that is a pretty comprehensive list! A. tells me that Eisenhower also had emergency surgery early on in one of his terms for some sort of blockage in his intestine…the book cited: <>The Mortal Presidency : Illness and Anguish in the White House<> by Robert E. Gilbert, in case you’re interested in presidents and illnesses and things like that.


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