Hey, Sheryl Crow!

From my cold, dead hands!

You should seriously rethink your stupid-ass statement.

Perhaps all that highlighting shit seeped through your skull and curdled up your brain. If you get your wish that all people should use one square of toilet paper (two or three in those emergency situations doesn’t fucking cut it, not when an average UC emergency is a bucket load more than you may be used to), you better tack on a damn good alternative for those of us who don’t poop like environmentalists aresupposedto.

I think that global warming is REALLY caused by the excessive brightness reflecting off your lovely golden tresses; the ice caps will continue to melt unless you put a hat on.

Pic attributed to Patapat – Link


3 thoughts on “Hey, Sheryl Crow!

  1. One of the dumbest statements ever. However, I think this is typical for the far-left (and the far-right) for that matter. They take something where they think “everybody poops the same way, so hey, we could use less toilet paper.” It makes no sense. I mean, what is there going to be a TP cop in every stall.She should leave the policy development to Al Gore. There’s no question that global warming is happening. But other things, like increased CAFE standards, compact florescent light bulbs, microgeneration of power, bio-diesel, ethanol, hydrogen, hybrids, etc. will have far more of an effect than TP regulation. Of course, this means that Ms. Crow would have to get rid of that gas-hog bus of hers. How dare that happen!!!And to be fair, the right had a cow over a Republican Congressperson adding “incontinence garments” to the list of things that Medicare would cover. Apparently, some of his constituents had bladder and bowel problems. But everybody should be able to poop with control, so they made a big fuss, and the line item was removed from the budget.Unfortunately, very few people are aware of the nature and severity of UC/IBD. Bad terms is the major reason. Colitis once referred to IBS (they stopped that in the 60’s, but it still caught on). And then they came up with IBD, which is only one letter different from IBS. And people still confuse the two.


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