Not last night but the night before.

Day one:
I seem to be losing some necessary function of my right leg. It feels like something stretched, or that I slept on it wrong. When I hobble around a bit to accommodate it, I appear to have an ever-lovin’ stick up my ass.

The hobble makes for some Cherry Darling comparisons. (I could take that as a compliment, I guess. Hot Rose McGowan! Zombie-smashing abilities!) The pain itself begins with a dull ache in the morning, high in the pelvis and inner thigh and then worsens steadily throughout the day, whether I sit or walk.

By late evening, the ache spreads down to my calf and I start thinking about Shadowlands and horrible virulent bone-eating cancers. Hot water does not help. Elevating it or reclining does not help. Stretching the leg produces varied results between uncomfortable and relaxing, but ultimately does nothing for the pain.

It is not anywhere near excruciating or anything like that; it is just constant. Since I don’t have a machine gun or Anthony Hopkin’s pursed chilly affections, I’d rather have my leg back.

Day two:
Maybe I am just getting old?

Day three: (today)
It’s baaaaaaaaack.
Side effect of medication, poor sleeping position, or maybe end-of-semester insanity?


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