Generically yours.

These are the big ones. Well, not the horse pills, but these are the immuno-modulating-suppressing ones, the ones that do more than sit in your stomach or gut and quietly dissolve; these babies know pharmaceutical kung fu. (Unfortunately they only know the defensive moves, and my immune system is Bruce Lee, right before he breaks Chuck Norris’s chicken neck. But still!)

Imuran, or azathioprine as it is generically and so so cheaply known, has been around since the 50s and has a couple other popular uses:

1. Transplant antirejection
2. Severe rheumatoid arthritis

It also can help you out if you have too much bone marrow, or you’re just too damn healthy for your own good and need to catch a little pneumonia from time to time. Blood testing on a regular basis is required. I have since come to enjoy the feeling of a needle in the crook of my arm, which is good practice for when the time comes to break out the medical heroin.

Do not take these without food. It is a dry heave death wish, without Charles Bronson for comfort.


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