Kids, don’t do gin

I’m serious, now, the evil juniper berry plants suggestion in the mind, and those suggestions are as harmless as a Kylie Minogue green fairy flitting around wishing she was Julie Andrews. In other words, DEADLY. Hey, why don’t you have a couple and then watch Black Christmas? A’s not going to be home for a couple hours. It’s dark out. I hear kitties meowing in the yard…
Gin makes you STUPID.
This movie scares me SILLY.
See the distorted camera angles? Obviously this killer is a crazy, crazy, crazie, with a very skewed outlook on life.

Their sorority mom has booze in a book and the toliet tank! The virgin dies first! Olivia Hussey is going to have an abortion if she survives. (Look at all that pretty, pretty hair) Margot Kidder is hott. Keir Dullea is the creepiest disturbed pianist evah (Don’t you know, man, that when you tell a girl “I love you” and she says “I know” it means she does NOT love you.)

This is such a weird movie, but a pretty darn scary one. And of course all the plot elements seem extremely complex under the influence. Who is this man waiting impatiently? Who is this cop in the car? What’s with this longhair who looks like Aaron Gaffey but was obviously the star in 2001: A Space Odyssey? What kind of weirdo pretends to be a cat to lure girls to their doom?

Okay, I’m getting a little scared now.


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